Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

Agency growth by design


Design your agency growth by setting a Key Perforamance Indicator Program for your Leadership Team.

For this next quarter – assess your 1st quarter performance, and areas of the business which need your focus, to bring you closer towards achieving your goals.

4 areas to include:

  1. Agency pipeline
  2. Team productivity and contribution
  1. Client profitability, quality of output, and any outstanding invoices
  1. Supplier contribution, and any issues

Your leadership team should be across the revenue figures, team performance, client performance, and business development progress.

If you are working with ‘expected’ and ‘stretch’ revenue targets, then your leadership team should know what the cumulative status is at the end of the quarter. Are they confident with their action plan to close THE GAP between targets and actual results? Or do they need your guidance, or is it time to call in an industry expert to bridge the knowledge gap?

If you have a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Program in pl